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As you begin creating new blog posts, you will need to find great images for your blog. While taking your own images is the preferable method, for many, a stock image is a great option that will convey your message. I am sharing some of my preferred image resources to help you get started.

Best Places To Find Images For Your Blog

One of the most important things to remember when trying to find images for your blog is that just because an image is online, doesn’t mean it is free to use. In fact, not only are most images copyrighted, but many allow you to use them but require an attribution when using. The places I am sharing allow you to use images without attribution as they have been licensed as such. However, you will need to keep accurate records of when you purchase an image or your agreement with each website as on occasion you will be questioned about your license and use.

Graphic Stock: This site offers many options for plans and payments, that allow you to download images for use without attribution. They are higher quality stock images in multiple categories, and also some vector files and clip art style graphics. Considering the ease of use, price, and availability, this site is a favorite for many bloggers.

Stock Unlimited: Stock Unlimited has tons of stock images available to choose from in common categories like family, food, lifestyle, office environments, and more. Their choices are a bit more limited than Graphic Stock, but are quality and easy to navigate.

Unsplash: This site has more lifestyle images than others. Some travel, desks, computers, and various high-quality images that can be featured for many blog posts. There is no charge, and no attribution required. There are not as many options, but what is available is high quality and easy to navigate.

Morguefile: This site contains multiple images free for use in many categories. While the majority require no attribution, is is recommended to double check prior to use as you download from the site for any specifications requesting an attribution. These images are typically not as high quality as those you purchase from other websites, but they are free and offer a wide variety to choose from.

As you begin blogging, these places to find images for your blog are ideal for getting started. As you continue blogging, you will likely begin working on developing your own unique style and creation of images, but to begin using stock images is a great practice.