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As a blogger, getting page views is the goal for your site. To do this, you need to work on ways to drive traffic to your blog. We will talk about using SEO (search engine optimization) and email subscribers as a main source, but social media for bloggers is one of the best tools out there. This post will tell you all about the best social media for bloggers and some of the reasons why.

Best Social Media For Bloggers

One major recommendation I can make to you, is don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. While at any given time a specific social media or traffic method will do better than another, you need to learn to diversify. Some niche blogs do best with visual oriented mediums like Instagram or Pinterest, while others do better with chat methods like Facebook or Twitter. Regardless of your success with any individual method, take advantage of the information at your disposal to continually learn and grow each individual social media for bloggers.

Pinterest: This is the ideal place for bloggers who feature recipes, crafts, and fashion. While other blogs will also have great success using Pinterest, these are the main themes throughout the social media platform. It’s important to focus on high-quality clear images. Vertical images get precedence over horizontal images here, and great descriptions are a must.

Instagram: This fun app is used by many to share about their everyday activities. Most trending topics on Instagram are recipes and travel, but you also see tons of fashion, and just fun family life topics. Images must be clear and beautiful, with plenty of appropriate hashtags to describe and reach out to topic friendly followers.

Youtube: If you don’t mind putting yourself on video, vlogging via Youtube is a great way to reach new followers and gain traffic to your website. Common items to find on Youtube are tutorials, recipes, and how-to videos that teach the reader/viewer something new. A great way to get traffic is to share the bulk of your information on Youtube, and lead them back to your site for more information.

Twitter: Twitter is a great place to find like-minded followers and to have fun short conversations. Seek out hashtags related to your niche or passions. You can easily connect with others, share your blog posts, and create a community of followers that will appreciate what you have to share.

Facebook: Facebook offers many things that are great for connecting with your readers. While direct traffic through Pages isn’t as easy to accomplish, it does give you a chance to build groups and even to share live video which is highly popular currently.

Utilizing these and other popular social media for bloggers will guarantee you have plenty of traffic to your site on a regular basis. As you continue building followings, they will also share your site to social media.